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Some international airports have become mad about security. For example they ask you to boot your laptop and show them what's in it. What are you going to do if you have Linux and its Grub? Linux is almost worlwide wellknown and the natural succesion to Windows kingdom but... The Airport Security Personal do not know anything about that.

In order to avoid stupid questions such as:

  • What's this blue box that shows you Ubuntu Linux 2.33.
  • What's this screenshot that shows you a kind of menu.
  • And this menu is not Windows... hummm... that's not an standard iso.

You can simply hide Linux boot and recover it in your flight.

This is not a joke. Check resources. Someone already lost a flight because of that!

Hide of Linux

Before meeting Airport Security Personal.

Boot of Hidden Linux

Once you are in the flight and you are autorised to work with your laptop.

Recover Linux Boot

If you know that you are not going to flight with your laptop soon.


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