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Get a wiki account

In order to get a edit SGD wiki pages you need a wiki account. You can get it here:

How do I edit pages

If you are confused about what those symbols mean in the pages you edit you can check the wikipedia documentation (wikipedia and sgd wiki both have mediawiki):


I am going to explain how Translation does work. This mediawiki has installed the: LanguageSelector extension and the Polyglot extension.

Polyglot extension modifies the wiki so that you can save your own translations of webpages in subwebpages of the former webpages. We are going to see an example with Spanish language (es).

If you want to translate: Main_Page into Spanish you do not have to edit but you have to edit:

This is from the translator point of view. But how does our visitor see the translation?

Thanks to the LanguageSelector extension the user is presented a dropbox with all of these site enabled languages.

If the user has already selected Español (which means Spanish in Spanish language) then when the user visits: he does not see the English content of this webpage but the spanish one which is saved into the webpage.

What does happen if you want to check English page without having to select English in the dropbox?

Just add an slash to the adress and it will presented to you into English (or whatever the default language it is).

So in order to see the main page in English you should visit: