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This is the official Super Grub Disk Todo. Usually SGD development is a mix of anarchy and desire. adrian15 develops features as he wants to and sometimes it forgets about developing some features. Usually if you ask adrian15 to develop a feature and it can be done it develops it within a week.

If you want to discuss the SGD TODO and its priorities please join the Super Grub Disk mailing list.


Priority Description Status
1 Show Hard Disks size Done.
1,5 Slovak translation update Pending
2 fdisklu command equivalent - Simple (Only human sizes) Pending (Waiting for Show Hard Disk size)
2 fdisklu command equivalent - Advanced (Computer sizes with byte precision) Pending (Waiting for Show Hard Disk size)
3 Help menu - With fdisklu equivalent and Contact that says something about Forum and mailing list Pending
3 grep # groot Pending
4 Remove adrian15 email and put a link to site. Pending
5 dddd command (from:device to:device) Done (beta)
6 Restore Windows partition boot sector from backup (only ntfs) (based on dddd) Done (beta)
7 Windows -> Advanced Windows -> Boot Windows from other hard disk - Update the feature so that it works as expected (Currently you cannot boot a non-first partition from a non-first hard disk. Pending
8 Windows -> Advanced Windows -> Fix Boot of Windows - Explains that currently only syslinux is offered as an option and that it is valid for every Windows version. Done (Not an explanation. Syslinux is used without the user knowledge.
9 Windows -> Advanced Windows -> Restore Windows Partition Boot Backup Done (Beta).
10 Lamming menu - Nopassword option - Disables password and lock commands. Pending.
11 Lamming menu - Boot Linux Directly as root (single) option - Adds single to kernel options. Pending.
12 Lamming menu - Boot Linux Directly as root (initrd) option - Adds initrd=/bin/bash to kernel options. Pending.
13 Advanced Linux - Boot Linux Directly (reading fstab / mountpoint) Pending.
14 Advanced Linux - Boot Linux Directly (reading UUID) Pending.
15 Advanced Linux - Boot Linux Directly (With selectpath command.) Pending (Being Done).
16 Add patch that makes possible to chainload syslinux found in logical partitions. Pending.