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If you decide to become a Super Grub Disk developer you are welcome to send a message to adrian15sgd AT gmail DOT com and ask him to subscribe you to the Super Grub Disk mailing list.

After having been subscribed you can present yourself. You might want to talk about your skills or about your life or just saying that you want to help improving SGD.

There are two main branches on SGD development.

  • One of them is maintaining current SGD development. The SGD that you can download right now.
  • The other one is has two big targets:
    • The first target is to build the SGD's grub as a ubuntu or debian grub package.
    • The second target is to rewrite the SGD's build script (the bash ones) to either other programming language or just rewrite it to use Makefile files and improve SGD "build".

This text won't focuss on the new branch but on the old one. If I am able to make you understand how I currently develop SGD I might be able to convince you to do the second branch. I mean, before innovating one should know what options we already have.

First of all there are some wiki pages about development that you should read. The index is here: SuperGrubDiskDocumentation


You have a description on how SGD is going to be in the future: SGDDevCodenames. Each SGD codename explains what development improvements should be implemented.

In order to undestand the current SGD development architecture we have: SGDDevCastillonroyDesign. Every folder and file that it is important is explained there.


You can learn how to build current SGD version: SGDDevBuild But what code should you build? Here there are the instructions to fetch last svn: (By the way if you are registered in the forjamari you just can get the source code from downloads): SGDDevSvn

Finally a page that explains quite well how to develop Super Grub Disk that it is complementary to the DevBuild page is the page about translations. It is found here: SGDDevTranslation

So as I already have said before you begin to think on new branch you will need to understand the current one.

Do not be shy. You can ask any question you want to. Even if it seems to be a dumb question. Just ask it. I mean. I already had two great developers who did not seem to say anything. I prefer bad developers that say something that become day by day greater.

Finally as you might know I am quite often at #sgrub channel on irc server. My nickname on freenode is adrian15.