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Multidistrox: A Multidistrox distribution is a distribution that has Super Grub Disk integrated into it in a non-emulated way. Ultimate Boot CD has an emulated image of SGD and thus is not a multidistrox. Multidistrox can use the Super Live Boot technology but it is not compulsory.

Multidistrox is a set of Linux distributions that includes Super Grub Disk--an easy-to-use, leading boot rescue tool--along with a new Super Live Boot technology that helps you more easily select your boot options.


Please check: Multidistrox releases.

Super Live Boot


In order to keep most boot compatibily Knoppix sticks to isolinux, a bootloader, that does not admit menues. Having menues to decide which boot options you want it is a great thing! Although I could have used gfxboot for the same task using grub menues with SGD variables seemed easier to me.

Super Live Boot is a Super Grub Disk fork that it is used as a boot interface for Knoppix or other live cds.

Thanks to Super Live Boot the user can choose, among other options, what language should have the distribution.

SLB in action

Here there are some snapshots:

  • Distribution main menu:

Slb menu 1.png

  • SLB Interface Language Selection Menu:

Slb menu 2.png

  • Boot Options Selection Menu:

Slb menu 3.png

  • Language and Keyboard Selection Menu:

Slb menu 4.png

  • Boot Menu:

Slb menu 5.png

In this step Knoppix should boot.

If the user do not type any key then he is being lead to each of the menues automatically.

SLB Internal Details

TODO: Explain the dev_slb sgd alike development.