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Fix Boot of Linux Option

Legacy warning

This option is only found at Super Grub Disk (0.9XXX versions) (for Grub 0.9X (aka Grub legacy) releases) and it is not found at Super Grub2 Disk (1.XX versions) (for Grub 1.XX (aka Grub 2) releases)

Where this option is found.

  • Super Grub Disk Basic Menu -> Super Grub Disk Advanced Menu -> Linux Advanced -> Fix Boot of GNU/Linux (GRUB) -> Automatically Install


Fix boot of linux.png


You can recover GRUB boot and thus Linux Boot.


You are prompted with the several location where GRUB's stage1 is found. Just select the partition where your Linux resides (usually the only option that you have). If everything is OK SGD will prompt: SGD HAS SUCCEEDED. :)

Problems that can be solved with this option

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