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Auto Super Grub Disk specific Problems

  • I have more than one distribution and Auto Super Grub Disk always fixes the grub from the other distribution that I do not want to be fixed.

You have installed two Linux distributions and you are using Auto Super Grub Disk? Aren't you ashamed? :). I was tempted to let the user choose the linux distribution to fix in: Auto Super Grub Disk but this decision made auto SGD non automatic so I did not implemented it.

To recover your Linux you can use Super Grub Disk and if you need to boot it from Windows, because you do not have a cdrom, or something similar, you can always get Unetbootin-supergrubdisk from unetbootin site.

Auto Super Grub Disk and Super Grub Disk common problems

Please check Super Grub Disk problems because Auto and normal Super Grub Disk share them.