Super Grub2 Disk Sid Chroot Build

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As explained in Super Grub2 Disk Sid Chroot you need to enter in the chroot thanks to:

chroot /mnt/ssd/sgd_chroot_sid_amd64/ /bin/bash


We probably need to install git package

apt-get install git

Now we are going to work as a normal user

su myuser

so that we can work from our development directory.

mkdir -p ~/gnu/sgd/supergrub2_upstream
cd  ~/gnu/sgd/supergrub2_upstream

Now we are going to get Super Grub2 Disk source code.

git clone

So that we can build it:

cd supergrub2

If everything went well and you did not miss any of the former steps you will get, among others, these files:


which their filename might vary depending on the current Super Grub2 Disk version.