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Super Grub Disk. PC Boot specialised Disk.


We want Linux newbies to restore their new toy, but also help the Linux advanced user make potentially dangerous operations to the MBR in a safe way. Super Grub Disk is also a teaching tool to help you learn more about bootloaders and the booting process. After all, booting is the most important thing your computer does -- without the boot process, you would not have an operating system to use!

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SGD is often useful. Here there are some examples:

   * GNU/Linux is installed in your pc, you reinstall Windows and GNU/Linux no longer boots as Grub menu no longer appears on boot. You can restore Grub on your MBR automatically.
   * You have Windows installed in a second hard disk and it does not want to boot. If you swap it from Super Grub Disk you will be able to boot it.
   * You can not boot Windows because your MBR is corrupt or Grub installation is not well done or whatever. With Super Grub Disk you will be able to boot the partition where Windows reside.
   * No Active Partition Found message appears. With Super Grub Disk you can activate partitions.


You won't need to memorize any more commands. Fix Boot of Linux (GRUB) in only three steps.


Do you have any problems booting your Linux operating system(s) or with multi-booting? That's what Super Grub Disk is for! Here we will help you solve these problems using Super Grub Disk and some other tools.

Do not forget to post your experience and any issues in the forums and in the Super Grub Disk mailing list.



   * Fix Boot of Gnu/Linux (GRUB)
   * Boot Gnu/Linux
   * Boot Gnu/Linux Directly

Advanced Gnu/Linux:

   * (BETA!) Fix Boot of Gnu/Linux (LILO)
   * Boot Gnu/Linux partition
   * Activate Linux partition


   * Fix Boot of Windows
   * Boot Windows
   * Boot Windows on a second hard disk
   * Boot Windows on a second partition

Advanced Windows:

   * Boot Windows from another hard disk
   * Activate Windows partition

Boot & Tools:

   * Boot MBR
   * Boot Partition
   * Boot Sub-Partition
   * Activate partition
   * Hide partition
   * UnHide partition


   * Boot your Linux or another OS again
   * Restore GRUB to a hard disk MBR
   * Restore GRUB to a partition
   * Uninstall GRUB

Boot another OSs:

   * Boot Hurd
   * Install Hurd
   * Boot OpenSolaris

Special boot:

   * Swap hard disks and boot


Super Grub Disk is distributed under the GNU Public License (GPL). This implies that the program is free of charge but the most important point is that the source code is available to everyone under the free as freedom conditions that are explained in the GPL license.


Command line interface is available for the most advanced users with new and powerful Grub commands that even lets you use variables. Find all their mysteries in the documentation.