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Will SGD add windows to my existing grub?

SGD does not modify menu.lst. Rescatux, whenever released, will be able to modify menu.lst

Will SGD just overwrite grub and make my system just boot into win?

SGD only restores your old grub to your sytem.

Does SGD require followup with sudo update-grub - or does it update grub also?

SGD does not modify your menu.lst so if menu.lst entries are incorrect you can either: Correct them from a live cd, use Rescatux (whenever is released) or just try to boot it with: Super Grub Disk (With Help) -> Linux -> Boot Linux Directly.

I am not able to burn SGD as a cdrom.

You need to make sure that you burn a SGD iso image and not an iso.bz2 image. You need to burn your cdrom as it is explained in the how to make SGD cdrom instructions. If you cannot make a cdrom you still can make a floppy or a usb. And even if you only want to recover Grub again and Windows boots you can get a Auto Super Grub Disk for Windows. And finally I you already have an Ultimate boot cd at hand you should know that SGD is included in it.

Why don't you give BSD boot support?

Although there are several grub-only ways of booting a BSD kernel the recommended method of booting BSD from GRUB is installing BSD's own boot loader into BSD partition and chainload the BSD partition from grub. If you set up your BSD like that you can chainload your BSD from the Boot Partition option from Boot & Tools menu.

Is there a difference between Windows and normal version of SGD ?

  • Unetbootin is a versatil tool that let us boot a floppy image from the Windows boot menu. The main disavantage is that some BIOSes do not support the interruption that it is needed to emulate the floppy and boot it.
  • Super Grub Disk is a cdrom, floppy or usb with all the described features in the site.
  • Auto Super Grub Disk is a floppy that only tries to fix boot of linux and then boot linux.

So what you actually see at downloads is:

More than this there is a version of Super Grub Disk = Unetbootin + Super Grub Disk which it is not available at downloads but at unetbootin site itself. But I do not build this version so do not complain about it!