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Rescatux (English) / Re: Rhel 6.3 root password
« Last post by adrian15 on 2014/11/12, 10:58:05 am »
I will try to reproduce the problem in CentOS 6.3 in the next days.

Is there anything special on the authentication part of your installation that I should take care of?

Did you have problems on not being able to login?

I was wondering if your original problem comes from a virus changing manually /etc/passwd file and somehow mapping another user to id 0 (instead of root user). I had experienced it myself.

In the other hand the problem might come because Rescatux forces a given method of authentication (SHA1 instead of SHA512).

You might need to edit /etc/passwd manually in the end.

Finally you can try to reset root password again by using a very easy password written as if you had an English keyboard.

I mean, Rescatux does not work with your locale keyboard by default but with US keyboard (It will be fixed in next releases).

Rescatux (English) / Re: How do I restore GRUB Legacy with Rescatux?
« Last post by adrian15 on 2014/11/12, 10:49:54 am »
The Restore Grub option is supposed to also handle GRUB legacy installations.

While using Rescatux Restore Grub option make sure that:

  • You choose the SD hard disk as the target hard disk where to install Grub
  • Your SD hard disk is set as the first one in the hard disk boot order dialog

That would make sure that Grub2 is installed in the SD hard disk.

Rescatux (English) / Re: background image
« Last post by adrian15 on 2014/11/12, 10:43:22 am »
Do you have the copyrights over the images that you have used so that they are CC-by-sa or with a similar license?

We are not interested in changing background right now (we are just using a new one) but we might contact you in 2 or 3 years time.

Thank you very much for your contribution anyways !

Super Grub(2) Disk (English) / Re: Mac OSX won't boot USB SGD2
« Last post by adrian15 on 2014/11/12, 10:38:14 am »
Which version have you tried exactly?

Have you tried the standalone EFI version of Super Grub2 Disk by putting it into an EFI partition?

Just take Super Grub2 Disk source code, edit its menus/grub.cfg so that it fits your needs.

Probably you might want to add a menu where you can boot your entry or load SG2D itself.

Then build SG2D.

If possible please use grub-pc debian package version: 2.00-22.

Rescatux (English) / Rhel 6.3 root password
« Last post by Red-Erik on 2014/11/06, 08:45:13 am »
Hi, after using Rescatux (latest release 0.32b2) to recover root password (Rescatux successful) I'm not able to login as root any more.
Trying official root password recovery from Rhel doc
I receive
passwd Authentication token manipulation error..could not obtain user info (root).
I'm now unable to regain access and any hint will be greatly appreciated.

Rescatux (English) / How do I restore GRUB Legacy with Rescatux?
« Last post by pulsatorius on 2014/11/05, 01:21:21 am »
How do I restore GRUB Legacy with Rescatux?
Super Grub(2) Disk (English) / Mac OSX won't boot USB SGD2
« Last post by aaronbsdf on 2014/09/04, 01:06:34 am »
I have tried everything I can think of, and I still can't boot my SGD2 USB.
I have tried dd with both an ISO of SGD2 and a DMG I converted. Still, holding option on reboot and the SGD2 disk is not an option.

I have also tried both bs=1m and without it. What gives?

dd if=~/Downloads/supergrub2.iso of=/dev/disk1 bs=1m

Nothing on reboot. Argh, help!

I have installed Debian Linux on an SD-Card of a Windows 8 Laptop.
With the Bios it is possible to boot from USB and SD-Cards (/dev/sdc)
On the SD-Card I have created also an extra boot partition of 1 GB.
I would like to install the grub2 bootloader onto this SD-Card without affecting the bootrecord on /dev/sda of the Laptop.
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